angst and olivejuice

milk of my heart

30 January 1986

I am the commodity. You consume me, Because I let you.

reflected and dismayed.

she of swaying innocence, aesthetic a r t, careless philosophy, pure dirty hands and black rivers that tear down the soft fabric of rose arches dulled to a blunted c u r v e from sad erosions, finds herself in the mirror tonight. the glass is smeared and dusty and the room is d i m; and she looks beautiful for the first time in her life, examining her destructive self-image from the unbiased perspective of raw t r u t h stripped bare of false praise and blind worship. so there she stands, nervously shifting her weight and gazing critically in quick, t r e p i d glances through the palpable apparition of fear that wavered in sheets between her and the looking glass. the earphones feed her the INSPIRATION she quests always; sketchbook clutched in one unmanicured hand, a pen in the other. her eyes are fiercely heavy and i n d e f i n i t e, spiraled chambers of tightly furled wings, wilted flowers pressed of life and blooming vivacity; dripping symphonic w i n d and cerulean motion and reflecting the lonely, trusting faces of trees in eternal springtime; but also of glittering, beguiled r a g e and suppressed devotion, glaring elegantly from a mist of self-applied smoke. the contrast is amazing.

and she's crying because she can s e e.

Marriage is love.

Kate Moennig is love.

Megs is Love.

rehoboth beach is love
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shaved ice is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

peanut butter-rice crispies-banana sandwiches are love
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